Road Chassis Service – Single Axle £120.00 Twin Axle £140.00

This includes a check of operation (and lubrication where applicable) of the handbrake, hitch and towing mechanism, brake linkages, corner steadies and a general inspection of the chassis condition. A visual inspection is carried out of the tyres and gas pipes for signs of deterioration and tyre pressures are checked. It also ensures that wheel nuts are torqued to the correct torque. This service ensures your caravan’s roadworthiness and includes brake drums, damper and exterior road lights. It includes a visual brake and drum inspection and brake adjustments.

Habitation Service – £140.00

This service checks the operation of all gas and electrical systems including appliances and water system operation. Includes a damp report.

Damp Report – £50.00

Your caravan will be tested for signs of water ingress and a detailed report will be supplied.

Full Service – Single Axle £190.00 Twin Axle £210.00

This service consists of the Road Chassis Service, Habitation Service and Damp Report.

Exterior Caravan Washes – Single Axle £50.00 Twin Axle £58.00 Motorhomes & Bailey Retreats £68.00

Exterior caravan washes can easily be carried out at your home, place of work or storage facility.

Any additional work can be carried out at a rate of £48.00 per hour. All prices quoted are not subject to VAT. Servicing charges DO NOT include items such as stub axle nuts, gas hose, batteries, bulbs or other consumables; these will be replaced as standard during certain services and are charged for separately on your invoice.

Callout charges will vary depending on location. However, we are regularly visiting most areas in the South West and will endeavour to keep this cost to a minimum. Please do not hesitate to give us a ring and we will give you a quote.

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