Powrtouch Caravan Movers

Powrtouch Caravan MoversSouth West Caravan Services can supply and fit Powrtouch caravan movers in North Devon and throughout the South West at competitive prices. We consider Powrtouch caravan movers to be one of the best caravan movers on the market. Customers can be confident that they are buying a quality product as each purchase is backed by the company’s no quibble 5 year parts and labour guarantee. Little wonder that Powrtouch caravan movers are the UK’s best selling caravan motor mover. So if you are looking to buy a Powrtouch caravan mover why not contact us for a price list?

Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Mover

The Powrtouch Evolution caravan mover is a next generation caravan motor mover which has been designed and developed in the UK. The all new caravan mover system makes use of lightweight alloy materials and an ultra efficient gearbox. Combined with a new state of the art ‘four-pole’ electric drive motor giving it significantly increased power to the drive rollers, this makes it the lightest and most powerful caravan mover available. The dynamic roller location mechanism moves the rollers smoothly and directly on to the tyres, improving grip and driving power by eliminating roller slippage. This innovative new movement design also significantly improves the performance and reliability of automatic operation (Powractuation) of the drive rollers to the tyres.

Powrtouch Evolution Single Axle Caravan Mover

This model will fit all European manufactured single axle caravans. With the new lightweight and compact design, this caravan mover will also now fit all ranges of smaller caravans and trailer tents without the need for any extra fitting or chassis modifications. With its exceptional power and improved traction it will drive any single axle caravan or trailer (regardless of its weight) up slopes in excess of 1 in 4 (25%).

Powrtouch Evolution Standard Twin (2 Wheel Drive)

This caravan mover will drive any twin axle up a minimum slope of 1 in 4. There is no difference in performance whether the unit is fitted on the front wheels or behind the rear wheels. Your decision on which twin axle caravan mover to purchase is now down to your space/manoeuvrability requirements. i.e. If only gentle turns in a reasonable space are required then this mover will prove highly satisfactory.

Powrtouch Evolution AWD (All Wheel Drive)

With the addition of a further two driving wheels this feature makes the Powrtouch Evolution ‘All Wheel Drive’ the ultimate caravan mover system for the highest possible manoeuvrability of a twin axle caravan: this is a MUST for those tight turns in limited space.

Powrtouch Classic Caravan Mover

Powrtouch Classic Caravan Mover

Powrtouch Classic Caravan Mover

The Powrtouch Classic caravan mover is designed to fit caravans that have shock absorbers fitted or have a narrow gap (less than 105mm) between the chassis and the tyre, but fitted with a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels than all other current traditional caravan movers. Under ideal conditions it is expected that this model will move a 1,500 Kgs (approx 1.5UK tons) caravan up a 1 in 4 slope.

  • The Original Powrtouch Classic caravan mover is competitively priced and designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 and TUV standards.
  • Traditional design and construction materials.
  • Powrbar cross actuation system that allows BOTH rollers to be engaged or disengaged from EITHER side of the caravan.
  • Designed for maximum ground clearance.
  • Fluid movement control giving the ability to change direction without stopping.
  • Full soft start system giving MILLIMETRE by MILLIMETRE control.
  • Low battery indication system (for both the handset and caravan battery).
  • Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes to prevent accidental battery drain if the Powrtouch is left switched on.
  • Instant stop the moment the handset buttons are released.

 5 Year No Quibble Parts & Labour Guarantee

Powrtouch 5 year guaranteePowrtouch caravan moving systems are supplied with a free five year no quibble parts and labour guarantee which is supported by a comprehensive network of fully trained fitters covering the whole UK and Ireland.

As an ISO approved company, Powrwheel Ltd prides itself on the quality of it’s products, the guarantee offered and the service given to support any product failures. Powrwheel have a customer focused policy and all staff understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. Read more about the Powrtouch no quibble 5 year parts and labour guarantee and what to do if you have a problem.