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Caravanning at Christmas

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Caravanning at Christmas

Madness I hear you say! With the long dark and cold nights, caravanning at Christmas may not seem like the best idea in the world but you may be surprised at the number of hardy caravanners that do just that.

Most caravans nowadays are well equipped for winter use. And there are several campsites open all year round with great facilities to make that winter trip all the more enjoyable. Plus caravanning during the winter means you get to enjoy the beautiful countryside in relative peace and quiet compared with the summer months. Research your choice of campsite well; it’s worth speaking to them directly to discuss  pitches and which facilities are open.

caravanning at christmas

Tips for Winter Caravanning

1. Keep warm. Take  plenty of warm clothing (layering is always best). Pack extra blankets and a spare duvet just in case.

2. Make sure you have enough gas for heating and cooking. Remember that it may not be that easy to find replacement gas bottle at this time of year.

3. Stock up with plenty of food. Site shops are likely to be closed and supermarkets may be operating on reduced hours.

4. Why not decorate your caravan inside and out? Tinsel and a miniature Christmas tree will add to the festive feel and fairy lights are magical at night.

5. Winter is the perfect time to explore the countryside. There is nothing better than a long walk followed by a pub lunch with a cosy open fire. Make sure you pack plenty of outdoor clothing,: walking boots or wellies, waterproof coat, hat gloves and don’t forget your thermals!

6. Winter is also a great time to holiday with your dog. Think of all the great walks you can enjoy together. Many caravan sites now offer fantastic dog friendly facilities including dog wash areas which are essential if your four legged friend enjoys the mud.  Don’t forget spare towels, you’re bound to need to need them!

7. Christmas and New Year can be a great time to get away if you have a dog that is worried by fireworks. Lets face it, the festive season with all it’s partying can be a stressful time for nervous pets, particularly in busy cities. What could be more peaceful than a secluded caravan park in winter?

If you like the sound of something a bit different, why not pack up your caravan and visit one of the many caravan sites that are open during the festive season.

Before you go…

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