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Alko and BPW nuts

Stub Axle Nuts

One of the most frequently asked questions for me is ”what are stub axle nuts and why have I been charged for them on my service”? Stub axle nuts are also often referred to as ‘one shot’ nuts. Stub axle nuts hold the drum to the axle (not the wheel to the drum). They are

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Servicing on Dartmoor


Definitely don’t feel too sorry for me today! How about this for a view from my office window whilst travelling across Dartmoor? I stopped off for lunch at this beautiful spot to make the most of the glorious sunshine and could have stayed all afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for too long this time but when

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caravan fires

Caravan Fires

I came across this caravanning disaster parked in a lay-by whilst travelling through St Ives recently. You immediately hope no-one was hurt and seeing caravan fires like this certainly brings it home how quickly things can go wrong. This photo clearly highlights the reason why it is so important to have your caravan serviced every year,

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mobile servicing workshop at dawn

Early Starts

The holiday season is under way and 5.30 am starts are fairly normal for me during the summer. With the number of miles I sometimes have to cover there is no way to avoid the early starts. However, the upside is that the roads are empty which can significantly reduce my travelling time and stress

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