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Caravan Leisure Batteries

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Caravan Leisure Batteries

caravan leisure batteryIt is usually at the beginning of the season that some people discover that their caravan leisure battery is in poor condition or has completely failed. The life expectancy of a battery will depend on how it has been used. The more appliances it is used to run, the quicker it will discharge. A battery that has been fully discharged may not recharge again; if it has been discharged more than half it’s capacity it still may not fully recharge properly. It is best to keep your battery’s charge topped up regularly. If your caravan is in storage over the winter period, it would be advisable to take the battery home to maintain the charge; we would recommend every 4 to 6 weeks as a minimum.

Leisure batteries operate differently from a car battery in so much as they are designed to supply a lower current over a longer period, rather than a high current over a short period. This enables the use of internal caravan features such as water pumps, lights and TV’s etc. Recharging the caravan leisure battery can be done by hooking up to a mains electric supply, recharging from the towing vehicle or from a leisure battery charger on return home.

Which Leisure Battery?

Batteries are rated with reference to their current output over an hour which is called ampere hours (AH). A 85AH leisure battery is the most common and is probably suitable for most caravanning uses. A 110AH leisure battery is more powerful and would suit those who use sites with no electric hook-up or who have a caravan mover fitted. South West Caravan Services can advise you on which caravan leisure battery will best suit your needs.

Safety Checks

  • Always use the correct type of leisure battery chargerExploded leisure battery
  • Ensure adequate ventilation
  • Turn off the battery charger & disconnect mains electric
    before removing battery
  • Remove the negative terminal first & replace positive terminal
  • Never smoke when checking or maintaining your battery
  • Avoid any type of ignition source
  • Check battery is secured properly

A leisure battery in poor condition may start to smell (gassing) when charging and may become hot to touch. Under certain conditions, such a battery could explode if exposed to an ignition source. If in doubt about the condition or suitability of your caravan leisure battery, please do not hesitate to get in touch for advice.