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Top 5 Xmas Gifts for a Caravanner

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We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite items which are a must for any caravanner. If you’re struggling for ideas for Xmas gifts for a caravanner, why not take a look at these and see if you’re inspired!


1. Powrwheel Caravan Mover

Now you might have guessed that this would be top of our list! Admittedly not the cheapest Xmas gift we’re suggesting but they really are worth their weight in gold. If you’ve never owned a caravan mover and think you don’t need one, think again! Caravan movers offer amazing manoeuvrability for your caravan or trailer making light work of tricky access on your drive, on pitch or in your storage facility. Powrwheel are the UK’s leading manufacturer in caravan movers, so you won’t be disappointed in quality and performance. If you live in Devon, Cornwall or Somerset, why not let South West Caravan Services give you a quote? Our prices start at just £759.00 for a Powrwheel Classic caravan mover including fitting at your home address or storage facility. We pride ourselves on customer service and product knowledge.

2. Solar Panel

solar panel kitSolar technology has come a long way in the last few years. More and more people are recognising that a solar panel is a great way to keep your leisure battery charged whether at home, on holiday or if your caravan is in storage. Many people can be put off solar panels as trying to choose the right one can be a bit overwhelming. South West Caravan Services can talk you through the options and help find the right solar panel for your needs. Prices start from approximately £390.00 for a 100w solar panel kit including fitting at your home address or storage facility.

3. Tyre Pressure Gauge

A tyre pressure gauge is an essential tool for all caravanners. Often over-looked, checking correct tyre pressure before embarking on any journey is all-important. Incorrect tyre pressure is one of the main factors leading to blow-outs and is easily avoidable. They are available from all automotive stockists and are relatively inexpensive starting at around £8.00.

folding kettle4. Folding Kettle

A folding kettle packs up into the tiniest of spaces where storage space and weight is an issue.

 5. Low Wattage Oil Filled Radiator

oil filled radiatorPortable mini oil filled radiators are a practical idea for caravan owners as they effectively provide additional heat in your caravan and awning. Great for if you holiday out of season or even just to air your caravan through the winter months, keeping moisture at bay. Available from a range of suppliers with prices starting from around £20.00.