Caravan Servicing in Spring

Mobile caravan servicing in spring
Servicing in spring

Caravan servicing in the spring is the perfect time to get ready for the season ahead and must be one of my favourite times of year. After the winter we have has it’s great to finally see a bit of sunshine. When the weather is like this, people always tell me how lucky I am to work outside. Mind you, the same people didn’t want to come out of their nice warm houses during the¬†winter to tell me how lucky I was!

Be Prepared

If you are planning a last minute getaway don’t get caught out by forgetting to check¬†that everything in your caravan is in good working order before you go. There is nothing worse after a long journey than getting set up on your pitch and finding that you have no water or electric! It is also a good idea to check your tyres, lights and towing mechanism in case any maintenance is required before trip. If you would like to book a service or need something fixing then you can get in touch through the contact form or simply give us a ring.

Once you’re all ready to go, get out there and enjoy the sunshine, its a long winter!