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Why Service My Caravan?

Do I Really Need to Service My Caravan?

service my caravanSimilarly to owning a car, it is recommended that your caravan is serviced annually regardless of it’s age and usage. Occasionally people will ask if caravan servicing is really necessary, especially if it is only used a few times a year. But would you ask your garage the same question about your car? Taking shortcuts can have safety and legal implications. Every vehicle or trailer is required by law to be in a roadworthy condition. If your vehicle is defective in any way, it could cause danger to others.

Servicing your caravan regularly will pay off in the long run. You will enjoy greater reliability and an improved resale value. There may be some items that you can easily check for yourself, such as tyres and lights, but the braking system and the electrical and gas items are best left to qualified technicians for your safety or that of others.

Caravan Servicing and Warranty Requirements

To keep any outstanding manufacturers’ warranty intact, you will need to have your caravan serviced on or around the anniversary of purchase. It is likely that you will need to have your caravan serviced by your dealer or an AWS Approved Workshop, fixed or mobile. Be sure to check with the manufacturers’ handbook as to their exact requirements. Visit our AWS Approved Mobile Workshop page to read more about the Approved Workshop Scheme or visit their website.

Full Service History

As with buying a car, any vehicle with a full service history is more desirable than one with little or no history. If you are buying a caravan privately and the previous owner has kept all the receipts and service sheets, you will be reassured that seller is genuine and the vehicle has been well looked after. You may also be able to arrange transfer of any existing manufacturers’ warranty. Without the correct service history this added benefit is lost. Likewise if you are selling your caravan and you have detailed documentation, you will be able to command a higher price whether to a private buyer or dealership. Don’t be fooled that dealerships don’t care about service history; they will most definitely factor this into the price they offer you for your caravan.

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Did you know? Some insurance companies’ small print state that your caravan must be maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition; but how do you prove this? In the event of a claim, these insurance companies will ask to see a copy of your service history. If you cannot supply proof of this then they may refuse to honour your claim. Always ensure you use an AWS Approved Workshop for peace of mind.